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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The WOW in 'peaceful child blend'

By: C.A.K.

My blog posts are for entertainment purposes and are not intended to diagnose or treat any ailments!
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I have not posted in quite a long time.  Partially due to a lack of commitment to writing over the many other tasks assigned to me, but mainly because as my 'Moo' gets older I wanted to give him some privacy.

It has been quite a year, with many ups and downs.   Some major issues and some great strides in behavior at home.   Today I wanted to share an aha moment we had with a wonderful thing called essential oils

About 9 months ago(April 2012) a highschool friend contacted me telling me I should check out essential oils and how they can help with behaviors for children on the Autism Spectrum.  I was very apprehensive.  

A few months later I met this same friend for a summertime play date(June 2012), at a local park.  At that time my oldest son, 'Ace' had injured his toe badly and was complaining about the pain.

My friend asked if I minded her trying an essential oil on his toe.

I said "sure, what could it hurt".

My friend then got out 'Wintergreen' Essential oil and placed it along with a carrier oil on my sons toe.  Well, my son was hooked within moments.  His pain started to dissipate and he was sold on the idea of essential oils.

I was still very apprehensive, but agreed to go to a class and hear more about the essential oils.  

I am not an easy sell, by any means.  After attending her class and using the 'Wild orange' essential oil, she gave me as a gift, I spent 2 months researching essential oils and the company she represented.  I found some negative things which I found forgivable, because of the large amount of testimonials about how the oils worked.

By August, I had used most of my 'Wild Orange', & was amazed by how much energy I had from just one drop and decided I just had to give it a try and signed up to be a Consultant for the company, doTERRA. 

Moving forward to December. I finally had enough money saved up to purchase all the products needed to make the 'Peaceful Child' blend', as found on a recipe at the following link.  (Peaceful Child Recipe)  This blend is well known to calm and relax.   I understand this is not the orignal recipe as created by Deborah Dushku Gardner,however it is the recipe we use for the purpose of the review for this blog post.; Read her story here: 

received my products just before all the Holiday festivities were to start.  So, knowing how stressful large holiday gatherings are for my 'Moo', who has autism, I  went about using an empty 5ml bottle to create this concoction. 

I have to tell you, the 'Vetiver' essential oil does not have the most pleasant scent to my personal senses, but I was determined to have my children not be the wild attending Christmas functions this year.  I have had many people tell me though that they do enjoy the scent of vetiver.  We are all so different.

Before leaving for the first of the seasons large family gatherings  I put some of the 'Peaceful Child' blend on the bottoms of each of the three kids feet. To see why I am so apprehensive about family gatherings and how my children typically act see(see, 'Winter Break')  We then immediately put on socks to hide the interesting aroma, which by the way a lot people actually enjoy the smell of vetiver, it is amazing to me how different each of our senses are.  And off we went to spend the afternoon with family. 

I have to say my kids were so quiet and well behaved, that I had to explain we had used essential oils to calm them.  It was absolutely amazing.  

But, I am never sure on a first try, so the next weekend we were preparing for another gathering, this time including a 2 hour drive, Yippee.  I normally dread a 15 min drive with my three very active children. They poke and prod and pick on each other normally whenever they are within 10 feet of each other. 

 I thought to myself, "now's the time to try this 'Peaceful Child' blend again". 

OH MY HEAVENS, they sat in that van for the entire trip and barely even made a peep.  At this point I was sold that it had to be the essential oils doing the trick.

Sadly, I had left the bottle on my table 2 hours away at home.  We got to endure the 2 hour drive home hearing, "Mom, he did this to me", "Hey stop touching me", "That's not fair", "That's Mine", "Mom, he kicked me".  It was quite a show they put on.

To this day , my daughter has decided that it is hilarious to pull off her socks and put her 'peaceful child' feet up in your face when she uses it.  Thus, how we came up with the endearing new household name of 'peaceful stinky foot'!

 'Ace', my oldest says, it is the energy draining oil. 

Which to that I say, "I want you to have less energy so you sit still".  Either way,  

I will never again go to a large gathering, or take a long drive without 'peaceful stinky foot'.

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~ Christy

The original, although her blend is apparently a little differnt than the blend I used for the purpose of this review 'Peaceful Child Blend' was created by, Deborah Dushku Gardner; Read her story here:

Note, not all people will have the same effects with essential oils, and be sure to follow all directions on packaging.  Some oils are not suggested for children, infants, or those with medical needs.  My post is strictly for entertainment and are my opinions, I do not have a medical background and always suggest seeking consultation from a qualified medical professional.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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